Our Experts

    Our Experts

  • Prof.Dr.Asim Kurjak
  • Prof.Dr.Frank A. Chervenak
  • Prof.Dr.Abdallah Adra
  • Prof.Dr.Abdal Latif Ashmaig Khalifa
  • Prof.Dr.Alaa Ebrashy
  • Prof. Dr. Alexandra Matias
  • Prof.Dr.Aliyu Labaran Dayyabu
  • Prof.Dr.Ana Bianchi
  • Prof.Dr.Aris Antsaklis
  • Prof.Dr.Ashok Khurana
  • Prof.Dr.Cihat Sen
  • Prof.Dr.Eberhard Merz
  • Prof.Dr.Francisco Filho Mauad
  • Prof.Dr.Giovanni Monni
  • Prof.Dr.Ivica Zalud
  • Prof. Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
  • Prof.Dr.Marina Degtyareva
  • Prof.Dr.Milan Stanojevic
  • Prof.Dr.Miroslaw Wielgos
  • Prof.Dr.Narendra Malhotra
  • Prof.Dr.Radu Vladareanu
  • Prof.Dr.Renato Augusto Moriera de Sa
  • Prof.Dr.Ritsuko K.Pooh
  • Prof.Dr.Ruben Quintero
  • Prof.Dr.Sanja KupesicPlavsic
  • Prof.Dr.Sonal Panchal
  • Prof.Dr.Toshiyuki Hata
  • Prof.Dr.Tuangsit Wataganara
  • Prof.Dr.Veljko Vlaisavljevic
  • Prof.Dr.Vincenzo D' Addario
  • Prof.Dr.Waldo Sepulveda
  • Prof.Dr.Yaron Zalel
  • Marketing Directors

    Marketing Directors

  • Mr.Shivkumar Menon
  • Marketing Directors

  • Mr. Raju Menon


Ian Donald by the invention of diagnostic ultrasound has changed the face of obstetrics and gynaecology. Since then, especially in prenatal diagnosis and gynaecology, ultrasound has become an indispensable, non invasive diagnostic tool. Founded by Professor Ian Donald in the year 1982, the Ian Donald School of Medical Ultrasound has 120 branches worldwide and is designed to provide the most up to date, state of the art information on ultrasound that is available today.

The Ian Donald School addresses the needs of clinicians with interest in diagnostic ultrasound, who seek additional knowledge and practice in recent obstetric and gynaecologic sonographic developments.

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